By Megan Steelman

Arizona Summer Wildcat

Just because the temperature is rising doesn't mean that the numbers on the scale have to.

With the sun beating down on Tucson, students are finding it harder and harder to get motivated to exercise outside. But, by following a few simple rules, any student can brave the great outdoors.

The most important thing that a person can do before excercising is drink fluids, says Tausha Robertson, a graduate assistant in the Student Recreation Center Wellness Center. "If you find that you're thirsty, you're too late. You're body is already dehydrated," she says.

According to Robertson, for every pound of weight lost during a workout, the body needs two cups of fluids to replenish it. The fluid does not have to be water, it can be any non-caffinated beverage.

"A person who does not exercise needs to drink eight glasses of fluids a day, so a person who does (exercise) needs to drink a lot more than that," she says.

While Robertson suggests that exercise be avoided between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., the time of day when the sun's strength is at its peak, she did have some suggestions for those who insist on exercising during their lunch hour.

"Lots of sunscreen and a hat are necessary for everyone who exercises outside, especially those who exercise during the peak hours," she says.

For those who choose to avoid the sun and exercise at night, still should take some precautions.

"I usually exercise at 7 in the morning or at 7 at night. When I exercise at night I go with a group of friends," says Kimberly Sanson, a family studies junior.

UAPD Sgt. Brian Seastone says this is the correct way to go. If a person chooses to exercise at night they should do so in a well lighted area, aware of their surroundings and with a buddy, he says.

It would appear that the best place to exercise in the summer is indoors at the Student Recreation Center, but, with a few precautions taken, excercising outside can be safe and enjoyable.

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