Police Beat

By Maria S. Ramirez

Arizona Summer Wildcat

May 27

Two University of Arizona students reported to UA Police Department that their lockers in the basement of Bear Down Gym had been broken into and all the items inside were missing.

Both victims reported they had secured their lockers with padlocks. One victim told police he found his lock in a nearby trash can and that it appeared to have been cut by bolt cutters. The victims said they belived the thefts occured between May 23 and 26.

The total value of items was estimated at $700.

Police have no suspects.

May 31

UAPD is considering charges of indecent exposure and criminal trespassing against a man who exposed himself twice to a woman as she walked down Campbell Boulevard, near the Life Sciences Building.

UA police assisted Tucson Police Department officers in identifying a suspect they had in custody. Bobby Ray Mayes, was arrested and charged by TPD on sexual assault and attempted sexual assault after allegedly touching the victim's breast then trying to grab her groin area.

The victim said she got off the bus at Campbell Boulevard and was walking toward the Life Sciences Building when the suspect grabbed her.

The suspect was taken to Pima County Jail for processing.

A UA employee reported to police that a suspicious male approached her in the Custodial Services building at 1620 N. Warren and asked her for an aspirin. The employee said she could smell "hard liquor" on his breath when he asked her for the medicine.

The employee directed her to the emergency room. She saw the suspect get into his car and drive away, but then he made a U-turn and returned. He approached her again and was saying "things about German religion." She asked the suspect to leave.

He returned to his car and made a statement to the employee about "big bosoms."

Police have no suspects

June 1

Police received a report from the Bear Down Gym building monitor of the possible vagrancy of an individual on a third floor stairwell.

Police found various items ranging from clothing, bedding and a back pack in the southwest stairwell of the gym. Police also found an envelope and magazine addressed to the suspect at a general delivery address.

The items belonging to the suspect were taken to the police station for safe keeping. The suspect is wanted by UAPD for outstanding warrants.

June 2

Police said a men's bicycle valued at $100 was stolen near the Biological Sciences East Building.

The victim said that he left the mixed-manufacture bicycle at 10 a.m. and when he returned at 4:30 p.m. it and its $15 Kryptonite cable lock were gone.

The victim said the bicycle had a forest green Huffy frame, mountain bike handle bars and yellow sidewall off-road tires.

Police have no suspects.

Police said someone stole a money order from a custodian's closet on the third floor of the Education Building.

Custodian Carl Nelson told UAPD someone had taken a money order of his worth $56.75. Nelson said he put the money order in a clear plastic holder on the top shelf of the closet at 4 p.m. At 8:20 p.m. he noticed that the holder was on the bottom shelf and that the money was gone. Nelson said the closet was left unlocked and that he hadn't written anything on the money order.

Police have no suspects.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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