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Wednesday February 28, 2001

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Campus car thefts, break-ins on rise

Poor lighting, valuables in plain view help thieves, UAPD says

The recent rise in car thefts and break-ins on campus should prompt UA students to be more aware of their cars' security, a UAPD officer said.

Since January, there have been 52 break-ins and 13 stolen cars reported to the University of Arizona Police Department. Between Feb. 20 and 26 alone, 23 thefts from parked cars and seven car thefts - as well as one attempt - were reported.

UAPD spokesman Sgt. Mike Smith said figures like these should motivate students to take precautions.

Smith said valuables such as CDs and stereos - which are the target of many of the thefts - should not be kept in the car.

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Urban cowboy

Coordinator for UA entrepreneurship program splits time between office and rodeo life

The pictures on Mike Seng's door are dueling.

On the left side, a photograph of a sturdy-looking bull proclaims the occupant's enthusiasm for rodeo life. On the right side, a Dilbert cartoon laments corporate minutiae.

For Seng, an entrepreneurship coordinator at the UA and a professional bullrider, they represent the two halves of his world.

His heart, however, is in the rodeo arena.

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Akina spurns Cats for smaller role at Texas

Longtime coach gone: Is trademark defense next?

Duane Akina, a key figure from the Dick Tomey era, left the UA program late Monday to coach defensive backs at Texas.

The coach, who was contacted about the job Friday, spent the weekend in Austin, Texas, meeting with Longhorns officials and chose to leave the UA program after talks with UA head coach John Mackovic Monday night.

"It's really difficult for me to do," Akina said yesterday from his Tucson home. "There is a lot of me that is in (the UA) program."

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Cutting back on confidence

Do you have high confidence?

No, I don't mean your self-esteem, I mean your consumer confidence. According to economic research groups, the American people's consumer confidence has dropped considerably. The big guys, the one's with suits and yachts, want you to get out there and buy, buy, buy - but Americans aren't confident enough to do so.

President Bush is struggling to keep our economy afloat, but he doesn't understand that we must have confidence in our country to have confidence with our wallets.

I can remember the very instant I lost my confidence in Bush as the premier money manager of the country. It was during the Barbara Walters interview the day before he was inaugurated. Walters asked Bush why he had sold all of his stock before he moved to the White House. Bush responded with stutters and smirks, and had no reasonable explanation.

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2 UA profs tell tale of Mo Udall's humor, spirit

Journalists Johnson, Carson delve into detail of dynamic politician's life

Morris "Mo" K. Udall's memory, his sense of humor and his influence as an environmentalist will not fade quickly from the hearts of Arizonans. His legend now lives on with the recent release of his biography, "Mo: The Life and Times of Morris K. Udall."

Two journalists - Jim Johnson, University of Arizona journalism professor, and Donald Carson, former UA journalism department head and professor emeritus - interviewed 110 of Udall's family members and friends to paint an intimate portrait of the dedicated politician's life.

Johnson and Carson began work on the biography before Udall passed away Dec. 12, 1998.

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Fast facts: Wednesday February 28, 2001

Female giraffes weigh on average 1,540 to 2,600 pounds.

Male giraffes weigh on average 2,420 to 4,250 pounds.

The giraffe has a relative, the okapi, that has a much shorter neck and lives in the forest of the Congo as a solitary creature.

Each time a giraffe picks up its neck it picks up 550 pounds.

The giraffe can drink 12 gallons in one sitting.