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Thursday March 8, 2001

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UA bucking national trend in shrinking pharmacy school enrollment

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The UA College of Pharmacy has been successful in attracting more students to satisfy America's growing need for pharmacists, despite a national decrease in pharmacy school enrollment.

Arizona's pharmacy program - one of 82 in the nation - reached an all-time low last August in the number of applications received, coinciding with the national trend.

Unlike other U.S. institutions though, the UA program made a 60 percent recovery this year, perhaps indicating the beginning of an upward curve of applications over the next few years, said Theodore G. Tong, associate dean for academic affairs at the pharmacy college.

"We're adapting very quickly to the most urgent needs," Tong said.

Tong, who is also a professor of pharmacy practice, pharmacology, toxicology and public health, said the amount of students admitted into the pharmacy program was increased to 70 students from 60 students in an attempt to fill the nation's demand for pharmacists.

Bradley Holt, a microbiology senior, was a pre-pharmacy major for two years until he decided to pursue medicine. Holt is president of the UA pre-pharmacy club and helps the College of Pharmacy recruit students to the program.

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D'Angelo disqualified from VP election

Brandon D'Angelo's campaign for ASUA administrative vice president was terminated early this morning after he failed to comply with election code sanctions.

D'Angelo was instructed at 3 p.m. yesterday to remove all campaign materials by 6 p.m. as penalty for sending a mass e-mail to more than 4,200 students, said ASUA election commissioner Joe Rogers.

Election codes state that campaign e-mails must be addressed to specific individuals, which D'Angelo's e-mail failed to do, Rogers said.

Shortly after 11 p.m. last night, ASUA President Ben Graff received word that one of D'Angelo's banners was still hanging on the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority house, 1071 N. Mountain Ave.

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Moving On?

Pastner may be forced to leave program after season

Just like he has been doing for the past five years, Josh Pastner spent this season clutching a clipboard and patting players on the butt.

Only this year, he was doing it while donning a dark suit and with his hair combed, a far cry from the shooting shirt he used to sport during his playing days from 1996-2000.

"This summer, I went home to Houston and my mom and I went shopping to get me a new wardrobe," Pastner said. "I couldn't come to games in gym shorts and a Polo shirt or else Coach O would look down the bench and think I'm nuts. The Rick Pitinos and John Caliparis look like the million dollar guys, so maybe some of that will rub off of me."

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PC Outrage at UC Berkeley

The once-prestigious University of California at Berkeley has managed to distinguish itself from all other universities where political intimidation, vandalism and intolerance of ideas that stray from the politically correct orthodoxy have become a way of life. The Brownshirt tactics of the students go largely unpunished by the administration and are even encouraged by some of the faculty members.

Two separate incidents during the past academic year illustrate that the former seat of the '60s Free Speech Movement is now on the cutting edge of censorship. A three-quarter page ad appearing in the pages of the school's paper, the Daily Californian, was the focus of a political firestorm last week.

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The breakup of a decade

Homosexuality, AIDS, politics central to Pulitzer-winner play, "Angels in America"

UA playgoers are about to find out whether the '80s were really all that great.

More than just an entertaining play, "Angels in America: Millennium Approaches" is an exploration of America at the height of the Reagan administration. Times were changing dramatically with the advent of AIDS, increased visibility for gays and lesbians and an era of rampant, capitalist greed.

Tickets are almost sold out for tonight's UA debut performance of playwright Tony Kushner's Pulitzer prize-winning masterpiece.

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UA bucking national trend in shrinking pharmacy school enrollment

D'Angelo disqualified from VP election

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Moving On?

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PC Outrage at UC Berkeley

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The breakup of a decade

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