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Wednesday March 21, 2001

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Appeals underway for disqualified ASUA candidate

D'Angelo says sanctions were unfair, reputation damaged

The ASUA Supreme Court will hear oral arguments tonight from Brandon D'Angelo, stemming from his March 8 disqualification from the administrative vice president race, chief justice Jess Walsh said.

Following the hearing, the justices have 24 hours to announce a decision, with the opinion coming in 10 days, Walsh said.

"The court procedures are structured so this will be resolved fast," said Associated Students president Ben Graff.

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Camp Wildcat's gambling fundraiser comes up short

Money to aid upcoming weekend camping trip

Monday's night of campus "gambling" did not raise as much money for UA's Camp Wildcat as members had hoped, event organizers said.

The Casino Night fundraising event was organized by Camp Wildcat to raise money for Big Camp Four, a camping trip for fourth and fifth graders planned for April 8-10 on Mt. Lemmon.

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'Pac'-ing 'em in

Olson, Lavin say 4 conference teams in Sweet 16 vindicates conference's strength

It seems that everyone is surprised that four Pacific 10 Conference teams are headed to this week's Sweet Sixteen.

That is, everyone except for the Pac-10 teams themselves.

With Arizona, UCLA, Southern California and Stanford advancing to the Regional Semifinals, the Pac-10 has the most impressive showing of any conference this March.

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Space sells out


You know, "the final frontier." Well, it's selling out. What was once a wonderfully serene vacuum, free of advertising, annoying tourists and oxygen, is quickly falling in line with the rest of the known universe and giving in to corporate pressure.

First, the Fiesta Bowl sold out to Tostitos. Then, they named our new ball park in Phoenix after a bank. And now space is selling out to millionaires and fast food chains.

This may seem unimportant to you. But you must look closer. These latest incidents could be detrimental to your life, our country and the entire galaxy.

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Homes away from home

Industrial singer-songwriter Meg Lee Chin faces life on the road

For most modern musicians, touring is a fact of life, hated by some, cherished by others. And for a few, like industrial singer-songwriter Meg Lee Chin, it almost becomes life itself.

"I was living in London, but now I'm pretty much always on the road," Chin said. "I don't live anywhere anymore."

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Fast facts: Wednesday March 21, 2001

In 1915, William Wrigley Jr. sent four free sticks of gum to every person listed in a U.S. phone book.

The Wrigley family bought Catalina Island in 1919 and the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in 1931, built the Wrigley building in Chicago in 1924 and owned the Chicago Cubs for 57 years.

Psychiatrists have called gum-chewing "oral masturbation."

Americans chew approximately $2.5 billion worth of gum every year.

The average American chews 190 sticks of gum each year.