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Tuesday April 3, 2001

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Tucson Riots

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Arizona's dream for a national championship turned into a nightmare last night.

Rubber bullets, fires and broken windows overshadowed the supportive crowd of Wildcat fans on Fourth Avenue when nearly 500 police officers - outfitted with bullet-proof shields and nightsticks - broke up rioting and looting.

More than 2,000 Arizona fans - who watched the UA men's basketball game in bars along North Fourth Avenue - started out cheerful and spirited, even after UA's 82-72 loss to Duke University.

But soon the spirited atmosphere went awry when fans began to tear down street signs and assault one another.

Collective disappointment evolved into an excuse to vandalize property and loot Fourth Avenue businesses.

Nearly two hours after the game, the chaos began to erupt.

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UA falls short in bid for second title

MINNEAPOLIS - The Arizona basketball team dreamed a little dream at the start of the season.

Those hopes waned midway through the season, though the Wildcats found the strength to fight back toward the end of the year.

But with an 82-72 loss to Duke in the NCAA Final game, the Wildcats' dream of becoming national champions quickly and painfully eluded them.

UA had come so close - overcoming multiple suspensions and even death to reach the final game - but fell just 10 points short of achieving that season-long goal.

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Duke be-Deviled Wildcats

MINNEAPOLIS - In a slugfest of superpowers, it was the silent assassin that dizzied Arizona's hopes of capturing a national championship and the heavyweight that sent the Wildcats down for the count.

Arizona's 82-72 loss to Duke in the NCAA Championship game last night first came at the hands of the phantom shooter in the corner, Mike Dunleavy.

But the job was finished by the Blue Devils' Player of the Year, Shane Battier.

"You can only keep a team like Duke down for so long before they start clicking again," said sophomore guard Gilbert Arenas. "We contained Duke in the first half, but after that, they started proving why they spent a lot of the season ranked number one."

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Serving academia - not party-goers

When that eerie feeling takes over as you walk home from the library, who are you gonna call?

The Escort Service.

Recently, pressure has been placed on the Escort Service to extend its hours to serve students on the weekends.

After spending time riding around with those who run the program, it seems ridiculous to place the responsibility of driving "partied-out" students home on the shoulders of ASUA.

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Playboy Zebras

Rock-rap band Zebrahead plays tonight at Gotham after latest video shoot at Playboy mansion

Whoever said Playboy was only associated with bunnies was dead wrong - now it's also synonymous with zebras.

Members of the band Zebrahead, performing tonight at Gotham, never expected the group to go beyond its local music scene in Orange County, Calif.

However, they realized things had changed when their second album, Playmate of the Year, paired them with Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner.

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Fast facts: Tuesday April 3, 2001

Everyday 2,000 pounds of space dust and other space debris fall on the Earth.

The suns' mass makes up 99 percent of the total solar system mass.

A person from Glasgow is called a Glaswegian.

A quarter of Russia is covered by forest.

A sizable oak tree, during a typical growing season, gives off 28,000 gallons of moisture.

American astronauts must be under 6 feet.