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Friday April 13, 2001

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Student KAMP Radio and TV 3

Campus community seeks answers for last week's riot at forum

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Eleven days ago, a congregation of disappointed fans on North Fourth Avenue watched a peaceful scene unravel as about 30 individuals overturned cars, bashed store windows and burned a Winnebago.

Yesterday, hundreds more gathered on the UA Mall for an open forum. Another eruption ensued - this time a riot of words, as students and UA leaders talked about what happened, who to blame, and how to prevent a repeat occurrence.

Some students criticized the police response. One female showed bruises on her arm where she was hit with rubber bullets. Another student talked about how he was fired upon by police with lead-filled bean bags as he pushed a man in a wheelchair into his home.

Others blamed the media, especially the television stations that continued to broadcast live footage as the violence escalated nearly two hours after the Wildcats lost to Duke in the NCAA title game.

Mike Polakowski, an associate professor of sociology and public administration and policy who teaches a course on criminology, said the police should have interfered sooner, but he found a greater fault with the onlookers.

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ASUA Senator implementing designated driver program

Students choosing to stay sober will receive free cover and sodas from various bars

Free cover and sodas will be available to designated drivers at university-area bars Friday, April 27.

The point of the event is to give designated drivers a financial break and ensure that those drivers don't drink, said ASUA Sen. Rebecca Broky, who has been working on the project for a majority of the semester.

"Students shouldn't have to pay to drive their friends around," Broky said. "The event should also emphasize that one drink can be too much for some people to be safe behind the wheel."

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UA, ASU renew softball rivalry

More on the line than 1st place in the Pac-10

In-state bragging rights. A coach who swapped school colors. A pitcher with a permanent smile on her face.

When the Arizona and Arizona State softball teams take the field at Hillenbrand Stadium tonight at 7, a host of subplots could hide what's really at stake for both teams - gaining control of the Pacific 10 Conference race.

For the first time in several years, No. 2 Arizona (39-4 overall, 3-2 Pacific 10 Conference) looks up at No. 8 Arizona State (30-9, 5-1) in the conference standings.

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The power to say no

Spring has sprung, and it is time that young people's thoughts turn to ... money. That's right. It's time to pass a budget in both national and state capitols, to file taxes, and for young men to announce their intentions to enter the NBA draft.

"What?" you say. "The draft?"

Well in case you have been living in a cave and this column is your first encounter with civilization, our men's basketball team has become notorious lately not only for playing in the NCAA National Championship basketball game, but for the players that will leave the program to enter the draft before their four years of commitment are up.

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The painful art of adolescence

Studio art senior examines childhood struggles through art exhibition

Developing ways to cope with the fear, alienation and self-esteem of adolescence is by no means an easy task.

But, only a select few have turned their solutions for a troubled adolescence into art.

Steve Jarvis, a University of Arizona studio art senior, is one of those few.

His exhibit "Kid Stuff: Strategies and Tactics," which is part of his undergraduate honors thesis, is currently showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art's Hazmat Gallery, 191 E. Toole Ave.

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Fast facts: Friday April 13, 2001

Ancient Roman laws stated prostitutes were to either dye their hair blond or wear a blond wig to separate themselves from the upstanding brunette female citizens of Rome.

In Britain, laws mandate that every male between the ages of 10 and 18 must meet on a Sunday morning at the village green in order to practice archery.

There's still a law in Canada that the government will pay a bounty for all Indian scalps brought in.

In Michigan, it is illegal to chain an alligator to a fire hydrant.