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Wednesday June 6, 2001

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A matter of trust

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As UAPD investigates accusations that a former program director used university-allocated funds on escort services, campus officials examine the balance between trust and suspicion of its employees

An investigation begins

As a fraud investigation ensues into whether or not a former graduate business program director used taxpayer funds for personal use, the University of Arizona is trying to maintain a balance between trusting their employees while evaluating every move they make and every dollar they spend.

The UA Police Department is investigating former graduate business program director John. C. Buckingham Jr. for allegedly using public funds designated for travel to hire escort services while on business trips.

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Campaign Arizona surpasses halfway mark

UA Foundation predicts another successful year

UA President Peter Likins surprised many last fall when he announced that the University of Arizona was setting a goal to raise one billion dollars through Campaign Arizona, a five-year fundraising plan.

Latest figures for the fundraiser, however, show that the goal is closer to being reach than many thought.

As of December, the university had received more than $520 million - more than half of its goal - in both cash and pledges.

Dana Wier, vice president of public affairs for the UA Foundation, explained that the total number includes funds that were raised dating back to June 1997, when the "quiet," or planning, phase of the campaign took place.

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Women's track finishes third in NCAAs

Glenn makes history with pair of titles

To say it was a good week for the UA women's track team would be an understatement.

The Wildcats finished third in the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships, the highest finish in the history of the program, with a total of 44 points.

Arizona rounded out the top three after USC won the title with 64 points and UCLA placed second with 55, making it the first time that the Pacific 10 Conference - or any conference for that matter - swept the top three positions in the championships.

Arizona also took three individual titles, the most in the tournament.

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Arizona Summer Wildcat Staff Editorial

UA, state officials showed common sense in getting rid of Social Security numbers

At a university that often falls victim to the bureaucracy of higher education systems, the UA student body has come to expect that common sense will rarely be used when policies are made or changed.

In the past, UA students were identified not by their names, but by a number - their social security number.

However, the UA proved a couple of years ago that they were unable to keep that information private. Students and faculty were outraged when Saguaro Credit Union, MCI, and other companies were sold UA student information illegally. Despite the collective outrage, UA officials were willing to do little to ensure it wouldn't happen again.

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Media arts dept. unveils new summer film series

"The Genres of Hollywood" recreates afternoons at the movies with genre-themed screenings

Though it seems the arrival of the DVD will soon make film and video obsolete media, most will agree there really is no substitute for an afternoon at the movies.

Bearing this thought in mind, Michael Mulcahy and Barbara Selznick - both professors in the University of Arizona department of media arts - decided to create "The Genres of Hollywood," a month-long film series paying tribute to the movie theater.

"Dr. Selznick and I were sitting thinking 'Why would people want to come out to watch something that theoretically they could rent themselves?'" Mulcahy said. "We wanted to try to recreate what a Sunday afternoon at the movies would be."

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Fast Facts: Tuesday June 6th, 2001

Actors Tom Arnold, Sandra Bullock, Chevy Chase, Bill Cosby and Bruce Willis are all former bartenders.

Being intoxicated used to have desirable spiritual significance to the ancient Egyptians - they often gave their children names like "How Drunk is Cheops" or "How Intoxicated is Hathor."

Alcohol is considered the only proper payment for teachers among the Lepcha people of Tibet.

Dipsomania refers to an abnormal or insatiable craving for alcohol; Methyphobia is the fear of alcohol.

The national anthem of the U.S., the "Star-Spangled Banner," was written to the tune of a drinking song.

A raisin dropped into a glass of champagne will repeatedly bounce up and down between the top and bottom of the glass.