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Wednesday July 11, 2001

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End of an Era

Stitt: 'It was a total and complete shock to me' Headline Photo

When the Arizona baseball team steps onto Frank Sancet Field next season, they will be without their last link to the legendary coach after whom the stadium was named.

On June 29, Jerry Stitt resigned from his position as Arizona's head coach, leaving the program to which he had devoted 27 years of his life. In an exclusive interview with the coach, the Arizona Summer Wildcat was able to discuss the circumstances of his resignation and the prospects of Wildcat baseball without him.

For now, Stitt is a man without a place to call his own. As he spoke yesterday, Stitt prepared to clean out the office he had occupied for more than five years as UA's head baseball coach.

Needless to say, he's not happy.

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Food court opens in new student union

After several months of delays, outlets begin opening in new east portion of union

Standing in the food court of the new student union, students and employees both seem quite happy with the new facility, which opened July 2.

"It's about time they kicked up the common denominator to more of a casual group setting," said Marcello Royal, an education graduate student, referring to the new restaurants in the union that are now centered around a common eating area. "This is much more fitting."

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Douglas officials say city got 'snub' from Mackovic

The cancellation of Camp Cochise - the Arizona football team's annual two-week summer training session - came quietly, nestled at the bottom of a press release.

But to James "Bo" Hall, the athletic director at Cochise College in Douglas, the news was loud and clear - it was time for a change.

That change came in the form of new UA head coach John Mackovic, who decided to leave Cochise College - the Wildcats' summer home since 1981 - and relocate the team's summer practices to Murphey Field, located just off campus, in an effort to revitalize local interest in Arizona football.

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Americans get bad rap aboard

We are a self-deprecating people, us Americans. If something goes wrong in a foreign country, we blame our lack of culture, class, or interesting accent. The first words we learn in any foreign language are pardon, excuse me, I'm sorry, and I'm very, very sorry. We apologize constantly, and for no reason at all. And sometimes - worst of all - we apologize for being American. Personally, I'm tired of it.

This weekend, my quirky little group of UA students went on an excursion to Normandy. We drove around in a big dumb bus. We stared out of the window with blank expressions wondering why no one waved back when we shook our palms to and fro. It took five hours to get to Normandy, and we passed the time by telling dumb jokes about our dumb friends, and we wandered around ancient abbeys and graveyards flogging ourselves for being so blaringly stupid.

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'One nation, indivisible . . .'

CCP exhibit melds activism and imagination in the spirit of community

It's an age-old question - where can one draw the line between documentary and art? Can they be one and the same?

An upcoming exhibit at the CCP embraces these questions and others with a medley of images and oral histories captured by world-renowned photographers and interviewers.

Some of these artists have worked as a team, and others alone, to document grassroots movements happening right now in 12 diverse American communities, from Alaska to Florida. The exhibit is titled "Indivisible: Stories of American Community."

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Fast Facts: Tuesday July 11th, 2001

Ice cream makers Baskin and Robbins tried selling Ketchup-flavored ice cream - the only vegetable ice cream the chain ever made.

Children under the age of 13 consume 50 percent more ketchup than any other age group.

When Heinz ketchup leaves the bottle, it travels at a rate of 25 miles per year.

Ketchup can be found in 97 percent of all kitchens - a showing matched only by salt, pepper and sugar.

A single person eats about three bottles of Ketchup per year.

Heinz Ketchup has a four-digit code on the bottle cap - the last digit indicates the year and the first three digits tell you the day when the ketchup was bottled.