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Wednesday July 18, 2001

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A necessary evil?

Arizona administrators, activists take sides on corporatization of campus

Goodbye, Wilbur.

It seems that nowadays, UA's new trademarks could very well be the Nike swoosh and the Pepsi logo, both of which seem to be emblazoned on everything from baseball caps to soda cups.

The trend is not exclusive to the University of Arizona - in fact, most large universities seem to have a shoe contract through the athletic department or a campus-wide soda contract - but it has raised suspicions throughout the UA community.

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Headline Photo

Photo Illustration by Eric M. Jukelevics

Former Alumni Association president to head new UMC Foundation

Kent Rollins accepts position to focus on private donations

After serving as president of the Arizona Alumni Association for 20 years, Kent Rollins retired from the university to become the first president of the UMC Foundation, a new organization created to earn private donations.

Although the University Medical Center has always accepted private donations, the foundation is the center's first organization to be based solely on private donations.

"The objective is to support the great work of the University Medical Center as a teaching hospital," said Rollins, who began his job July 7. "Many teaching hospitals are not able to make money based on what's happening with HMOs and indigent healthcare, so they need private giving."

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New Skipper at Sancet

Andy Lopez named as new baseball coach

Jim Livengood got his man - again.

Arizona's athletic director announced Monday at a press conference that Andy Lope will be the new head coach of the baseball team, succeeding Jerry Stitt. It marks the second time this year that Livengood has been able to attract a high-profile coach to a vacancy at the UA, the first being new head football coach John Mackovic.

Livengood explained during the press conference why Lopez was picked for the job.

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Regulating common sense

Word has it that George Pataki, New York's governor, has decided that the drivers of his state can't handle the steering wheel and hand-held cellular phones at the same time. As a result, Pataki has decided to make it illegal to drive and talk on the phone at the same time, starting later this year.

While this may sound like a brilliant idea on the surface, think a little deeper about this one. Why the ban on just cell phones? Are cell phones more dangerous than other potential distractions on the road?

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'Jurassic Park 3' has new dinos, same old thrills

Despite recycled clichˇs from the earlier films, dino movie delivers some good scares

Grade: B

Not to be clichˇ, but the "Jurassic Park" series is much like sex after 30 years of marriage - once there was passion, but now it's just a matter of going through the motions. You know, rushing through it, trying to beat the commercial, wondering if you left the front door unlocked. And it's not that it's bad - just familiar, with that been-there-done-her feeling.

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Fast Facts: Tuesday July 18th, 2001

It is illegal to hunt camels in the state of Arizona.

California has issued six drivers licenses to people named Jesus Christ.

In 1997, Michigan became the 16th state to allow the blind to hunt.

At one time, it was against the law to serve ice cream on cherry pie in Kansas.

The official beverage of Ohio is tomato juice.