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Friday August 25, 2000

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Cleanliness could be harmful

Exposure to germs may prevent chronic asthma, UA study

University of Arizona researchers have found that infants who attend day care during their first six months of life or have two or more older siblings are nearly half as likely to develop asthma than children who don't.

In a 20-year study released Wednesday, Arizona Respiratory Sciences Center and Steele Memorial Children's Research Center doctors studied more than 1,000 Tucson children from birth, finding that exposure to germs at an early age might prevent development of the most chronic childhood illness.

"If a child doesn't have those kind of exposures, their bodies look at allergens as bad things," said Anne Wright, Respiratory Sciences Center research associate and senior author of the study.

UA student promoter finds new venue after county backed of original agreement

Transcend, tomorrow night's large "all-night musical concert," is on again after the latest move in the continuing chess match between a UA student promoting the event and Pima County officials.

Instead of the original site, the event has been moved to a secret location about 35 miles west of Tucson, said University of Arizona senior Darren Blatt, a promoter for Euphoric Empire, the Los Angeles company sponsoring the event.

The rave was originally scheduled to take place at the Pima County Fairgrounds, 11300 S. Houghton Rd. But Blatt was forced back to the drawing board on Wednesday when the Pima County Fair Commission pulled the plug on the first plan.

Friday August 25, 2000 Quotable:

"That's the way it is for the white man today. I think it's a rape of the American justice system."
-Richard Butler, Aryan Nations founder, on the lawsuit that goes to trial Monday