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Tuesday November 21, 2000

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5 arrested in frat fight

University police charge 5 Sig Ep members with assault after 2nd incident at Kappa Sig

Five members of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity were arrested on charges of criminal assault Saturday morning following their role in a possible retaliatory fight with a different UA fraternity, police reports stated.

Josh Simon, a communication freshman; Richard Alm, an undeclared freshman; Anand Patel, an undeclared freshman; Chris Webb, a management information systems senior; and Allen Mishek, a business administration sophomore, were arrested at the Kappa Sigma fraternity house, 1423 E. First St.

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Supercomputer achieves international ranking

'Super' among 20 U.S. universities on TOP500 list, could help recruit renowned researchers

UA's supercomputer has achieved international ranking for the first time, placing it next to other powerful computers from Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany.

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Wildcats frozen out of national title

Cold weather, lack of 'mental toughness' are to blame

The UA men's and women's cross country teams, wearing lycra pants and thermal tops in an attempt to fend off subzero temperatures, left Ames, Iowa without a national title.

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Students taking the road less traveled

Students who study abroad in a war-torn part of the world are probably crazy.

But they're about as heroic as college students can get.

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On the road

Dallas band seeks stardom the old-fashioned way. For an unknown band, breaking into the national music business is no easy feat.

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Quotable: Tuesday November 21, 2000

"I have been praying to God for Fujimori to go. He has gone but he left behind a country in ruins with people who are hungry, impoverished and without jobs."

- Patricia Cerna Egoavil, an activist with women's groups, regarding Peru's President Alberto Fujimori resigning.