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Tuesday January 23, 2001

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For a photospread of the inauguration protests, click here.

Chapters in their lives

Headline Photo

Foster children see their pasts in books made by UA

Nine-year-old Noel is taking a journey through her past.

Turning the pages of her Life Book, she recalls where she attended school, the church she prayed in, her favorite playground and the steps she has taken to get where she is today.

The Life Book she cautiously keeps in her aunt's room carries every detail of Noel's life - from her baby footprints to photos from her bout with chicken pox.

This cross between a baby book, family photo album and life story would not exist if it wasn't for Lisa Archibald, a UA sociology senior.

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Measuring performance key to UA operation, Likins says

UA's budget presentation to go before Legislature

PHOENIX - The UA's success rests on maintaining appropriate ways of

measuring university performance on all levels, university President Peter

Likins told a House panel yesterday.

"Performance measures are very much a part of our culture and the way we deal with students and faculty," Likins said. "Measuring how we perform is essential to the learning process."

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Jumping to No. 1

Newlywed pole vaulter out to break her own records Andrea Dutoit likes breaking things.

With over 80 competitors on the collegiate level taking part in the Pole Vault Summit this past weekend in Reno, Nev.,

Dutoit started her season with a bang, breaking another school record. Dutoit's mark of 13 feet, 5 1/4 inches was enough to place her in first place and set a new school record in the process for the fourth time in two years.

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Bruce Babbitt - The land-grabbing Arizonan hero

Many Arizonans cannot wait for their local political hero, Bruce Babbitt, to return home.

The now former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, the environmentalist right-hand man to President Clinton, wrapped up business in Washington last week and will be looking for new projects.

In 1993, Republicans and businessmen alike protested his appointment as Secretary of the Interior.

His selection signified a shift in philosophy for the Department of the Interior, a position that has been traditionally held by individuals who advocate the rape, pillage and sale of our natural resources.

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A snowball full of glass

Controversial photographer Joel-Peter Witkin to lecture at

The work of renowned photographer Joel-Peter Witkin is often considered controversial for its explicit depiction of violence, but the artist said he is only portraying an inevitable part of life.

Witkin, who will lecture Jan. 30 at the Center for Creative Photography, said that as a photographer his duty is to portray modern life as it really is - violent and fleeting.

"Violence resonates the world we live in," Witkin said.

He likened the world to "a snowball full of glass," saying it is not the snowball that is dangerous, but the glass inside of it.

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On This Day: Tuesday January 23, 2001

In 1820, Britain's King George III died at Windsor Castle, ending a reign that had seen both the American and French revolutions.

In 1845, Edgar Allan Poe's poem, "The Raven," was first published in the New York Evening Mirror.

In 1850, Henry Clay introduced in the U.S. Senate a compromise bill on slavery which included the admission of California into the Union as a free state.