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Friday Feb 1, 2002   |   |   Online since 1994  

Three parking lots closed to make way for garage

Three campus parking lots will be shut down today to prepare for construction of a new parking garage and office building.

The Zone 1 lots 5079, 5137 and 5150, which are located north of East Sixth Street, will close permanently at 6 a.m.

Mike Delahanty, operation manager for Parking and Transportation Services, said students with parking permits will not be displaced.

He said parking spaces for permit holders are available in several lots, including the 7103 south of East Sixth Street and the 8109 south of Arizona Stadium. [Read article]

Stanford Game recap: Arizona defeats Stanford in overtime

California Game recap: Arizona and Stanford battle for Pac-10 standing , 68-58

UA Basketballl
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MATT HEISTAND/Arizona Daily Wildcat
Creative writing and journalism junior Devin Simmons, vocalist for Invictus, sings outside the Park Student Union yesterday evening. Invictus' performance was part of UAB's "Eat to the Beat" concert series.
Three parking lots closed to make way for garage
Student athletes may face higher academic standards
Dorm leaders take stand against housing restiction
Regents will consider Rec Center fee increase
Corporate recruitment down from last year

Student athletes may face higher academic standards

NCAA proposing changing SAT and course work requirements

An NCAA committee proposal may toughen academic standards for student athletes at UA and across the country.

The proposal, which would not go into effect until the 2005-2006 school year, would require athletes to complete more of their required course work earlier in their college career and may change academic requirements for incoming freshmen. [Read article]

Arizona and Stanford battle for Pac-10 standing

It took all of former UA forward Michael Wright's strength to muscle up a last second shot between Stanford's twin 7-footers last season.

Wright's left-handed flick silenced the Stanford crowd at Maples Pavilion, giving Arizona a one-point victory and the momentum it needed to make a run to last year's Final Four.

Wright is gone. So are both of the 7-foot twins, Jason and Jarron Collins.

But plenty of personnel remain to make tomorrow's 6 p.m. matchup worthwhile. [Read article]


Letters to the Editor

Lindh trial should be taken seriously

I would just like to say that I found Mariam Durrani's "Let's move on?" Issue of the Week editorial to be offensive as well as idiotic. Her belief that the John Walker issue is blown out of proportion is a slap in the face to anyone that has either lost a loved one during the Sept. 11 attacks or any soldier fighting in Afghanistan. To just about every American, the John Walker Lindh case is a big deal. [Read article]

Girls on girls on film

Lesbians are the subject of many movies, but few films. The Lesbian Looks film series is trying to change all that.

The Modern Languages building is not a short walk from most of the dorms, and it's cold outside. Still, the auditorium fills to capacity every year on the weekends in February when the world's films about lesbians come to Tucson. [Read article]


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