Anti-lovers not looking within


I was rather disappointed in the outpouring of anti-love sentiment expressed in Wednesday's Wildcat by the self-centered. Valentine's Day does not have to be about a "significant other." It is about sharing love to others, letting them know they are cared for and appreciated. The legend quoted on the first page pointed out St. Valentine sent a flower to OTHERS saying, "I love you." He did not receive flowers, or demand flowers, or demand love come to him. If you have your health, be happy... share that with someone. Make a handwritten note and give it to a person who has been abandoned in a retirement home. Visit people in the VA Hospital and tell them you appreciate their sacrifice (It is Salute to Hospitalized Veterans week). Look inward for love, not outward, and then you can share it with those who really need it.

P.A. Voogd
systems engineering senior