'Crusade' presents 'stealth' ads


By now, I'm sure most readers of the Wildcat have seen the series of ads promoting the idea of only having sex within the confines of a marital relationship - the ones with the slogan "Real love. Don't settle for anything less." Has anyone else, like me, wondered exactly who was sponsoring those ads? Nowhere in the ads does it say what organization is behind this campaign. So after seeing today's ad, which promoted the idea of God as "the greatest lover of all time," I decided to call the 800 number they listed to find out who the sponsors were. After offering me a copy of the free booklet (which I politely declined), the young woman on the other end informed me that Campus Crusade for Christ is sponsoring the ad campaign. My only question is this: why hide the fact that Campus Crusade is sponsoring this campaign? Are they worried that we evil sinners here at the UA will just tune out? I would think that if you were promoting a message you truly believed in, you'd want people to know you were the ones behind it. Perhaps someone from Campus Crusade will offer an explanation for what amounts to a "stealth" campaign, more or less. Maybe they could even show where in the Bible it tells Christians to be sneaky about proclaiming the Gospel - I sure can't find any verses supporting that strategy in my Bible.

Stan Wonn
political science graduate student