Outcome mild forKappa Sig member


We were happy to read in The Wildcat that after weeks of blatant lies, Kappa Sigma fraternity has finally confessed that a member did, indeed, utter a racial slur to a Hispanic during a soccer game. It is pathetic, however, that a national representative of the fraternity had to come to town to deliver the apology, in essence, cleaning up the mess. The real comedy of it all is the benign punishment meted out to the offending member, Jim Clark. Despite describing the racial comment as "totally unacceptable and beneath the standards we expect from our membership," Clark gets what amounts to a slap on the wrist, losing two months of housing, membership privileges and voting rights. Boys of Kappa Sig, if you were sincere about your statement, you wouldn't ever renew Clark's membership. He's clearly not the kind of guy who meets "the standards you expect from (your) membership." Check out Webster's. Look up "hypocrisy."

Bruce Friedman and Jessica Blanco
2nd year medical students