U.S. history deeper than classroom books


This letter is in response to Edwin H. Grant's letter to the editor, "We need solutions, not more problems " (March 20).

I must say first, I appreciate your "let's rally together and make some changes" attitude. I agree with you in that there are too many sniffling cries from people who choose not to take it upon themselves to make some changes.

However, I must point out to you that you are contradictory to yourself. You state, "... if you don't think this country is great then you have a serious problem." While continuing on you state, "... it is my opinion that they did a pretty good job ('they' in reference to our 'forefathers')." Christian Hatley, to whom your letter was in response, was also simply stating his opinion. Yet you go on to state your opinion and slander Hatley for expressing his. In response to your opinions, Mr. Grant, I have some advice for you. Go at least a bit beyond your history books of Columbus the great discoverer and learn about the vile acts that our (myself being American) forefathers performed. Read about the slavery, the trickery, the rape and the countless number of indigenous people murdered. Then, Mr. Grant, tell me how great our forefathers were.

Jessamyn Kear
Latin American studies and Spanish junior