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pacing the void

Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 25, 1997

Eric Clingan, political science junior

Previous ASUA experience: None

Campus involvement: Founding president of Pi Kappa Phi, 1996-97; interim treasurer of Pi Kappa Phi, 1996-97; president of College Republicans, 1995-96; theater arts department, 1995-96

Why are you running?

Clingan said he wants to leave an impact on the university by doing something that is remembered and affects the students in a positive way.

What issues are you running on?

Clingan said he will give up his $3,500 stipend. He said every time he gets a check, he will sign that check and then write it out to whatever program or service needs money for whatever reason.

He said he will publish the administrative vice president's one-page budget in the Daily Wildcat once a semester.

He wants to bring back the daytime Escort Service by getting corporate sponsorships to advertise on the service's vehicle. He also wants to improve relations with University Activities Board and get a private company to sponsor Comedy Corner every week.

He said he would also encourage programs and services to get high visibility on the UA Mall during Family Weekend.

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