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Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 25, 1997

Beau Cox, studio art junior

Previous ASUA experience: Appropriations Board director, 1996-97

Campus involvement: President of Chain Gang Junior Honorary, 1996-97; vice president of Sophos Sophomore Honorary, 1995-96; Primus Freshman Honorary, 1994-95; wing representative of residence hall, 1994-95

Why are you running?

Through serving on the Appropriations Board this year, Cox said he has seen that students are not fairly represented in ASUA. He said programs and services needs a change in terms of its public outlook and the quality of the programs and services.

What issues are you running on?

Cox said the biggest issue is the awareness of ASUA. He wants to create a listserv to get information to students about ASUA.

Cox said that because the director of Escort Service is leaving, it is going to be Cox's job as administrative vice president to find an energetic person to take his place. Cox wants to extend the service to Friday and Saturday nights and fund it through a student work program or a stipend. The last issue is the accessibility of ASUA to students. He said it would be nice to see more students involved.

He said the key to increased funding is hiring more energetic directors who can go out and get corporate sponsors.

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