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pacing the void

Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 25, 1997

Jason Arcaro, political science and economics senior

Previous ASUA experience: None

Campus involvement: Vice president of men's rugby club, 1996-1997; men's rugby club, 1994-1997

Why are you running?

Arcaro said in the past couple of months, all clubs have come under scrutiny with sport club funding being cut and other academic clubs or personal interest groups coming under scrutiny for their views. He said he feels that everybody on campus deserves to be in a group that they like.

What issues are you running on?

Increasing awareness of the club system on campus. Also, a lot of clubs have trouble getting recognized on campus and that shouldn't be the case. If there is an interest on campus, they should be approved.

When there are problems on campus with the clubs, it is very hard to pull a meeting together between all the clubs. A better forum for that should come about, Arcaro said.

This year there was a change in sport club funding as a way to compensate for ASUA's decreased budget. How do you plan to compensate for the decrease in funds?

Arcaro said he agrees with Erin Russell's change to not go through Campus Recreation anymore. ASUA should do it themselves and keep all the clubs together in the same format. If there is less funding then obviously everybody is going to have to take a cut.

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