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Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 25, 1997

Jamie Kanter, junior majoring in Spanish and psychology

Previous ASUA experience: None

Campus involvement: Deputy director of International Student Association, 1996-97; International Orientation leader, 1996-97; Daily Wildcat columnist, 1996-97; tutor for APEX, 1996-97; Chain Gang Junior Honorary, 1996-97; Sophos Sophomore Honorary, 1995-96

Why are you running?

As ISA director this year, Kanter said he got to see a lot of things that programs and services needs to do. He said he has been there, he has seen it, and he knows what can be better.

What issues are you running on?

Kanter said the position really needs to concentrate on helping the programs and services do whatever they want to do. The key is a lot of communication with directors, not above directors, to try to get done what they want to do, he said.

Kanter said he wants to focus on sexual assault prevention and education. He said there needs to be an incentive, such as block stipends, for more people to volunteer for Escort Service. He wants to continue the director's program of going outside the campus to get money.

He wants to create a fair budget for all the programs and services that doesn't depend on what he wants to do. He also said he thinks the directors need to go outside ASUA for funding for all the programs and services.

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