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Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 25, 1997

Casey Cuny, junior in marketing and communication

Previous ASUA experience: Undergraduate Senator, 1996-1997; Senate aide, 1995-1996

Campus involvement: Sigma Chi, 1994-1997; Chain Gang Junior Honorary, 1996-1997; Spires Sophomore Honorary, 1995-1996

Why are you running?

Cuny said he is running because he wants to open more lines of communication between the Senate, ASUA and the campus. He said he wants to continue the Senate as a strong unit and work with the clubs to advertise the clubs to the campus.

What issues are you running on?

Cuny said he wants to increase the awareness of ASUA and the Senate. He wants to write a column every two weeks in the Arizona Daily Wildcat called the "Senate Report."

Cuny said he wants to bring together University Activities Board with ASUA and bring back sports funding.

He wants to get strict with the Senate by creating strict attendance guidelines and using the Senate to make all areas of ASUA more accountable.

He said he thinks ASUA needs to take a look at the Senate to cut funding. The ASUA/ULC Basketball League is the only thing it spent money on this year, he said.

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