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Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 25, 1997

Sean Murray, finance junior

Previous ASUA experience: Club advocate, 1996-1997; Appropriations Board director, 1995-1996

Campus involvement: Arizona Allegiance Spirit Club, 1995-1997; Chain Gang Junior Honorary, 1996-1997; Sophos Sophomore Honorary, 1995-1996; Residence Life peer conduct review board, 1995-1997

Why are you running?

Murray said he has two years experience with clubs and organizations - one on the outside with the Appropriations Board and one on the inside doing club advocate work. He also said he thinks he is equipped to handle the new responsibilities of being the chair of the Senate.

What issues are you running on?

Murray said he has two issues for the Senate - one is to organize them and another to keep them accountable.

He also wants to use the Daily Wildcat and peer pressure to do a month in review column paid for by ASUA that has an update by each Senator's name.

He also has two issues for the clubs. One is to increase the student awareness of clubs through a club fair each semester on the Mall.

The second is to increase communication between clubs and let them know what resources the UA has. To do this, he would expand the club handbook to include fund raising ideas and contacts for university offices.

This year there was a change in sport club funding as a way to compensate for ASUA's decreased budget. How do you plan to compensate for the decrease in funds?

A set of clear guidelines that are non-exclusive is the best way to go about funding, Murray said. This way, clubs, regardless of interest, have an equal access to the money. Given the guidelines, an impartial board and a nice chunk of money to start with, the funding can be given out as fairly as possible.

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