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pacing the void

By Staff Reports
Arizona Daily Wildcat
March 14, 1997

Student reactions

What do you think about the possibility that University of Arizona President Manuel Pacheco will accept the position of president of the University of Missouri school system?

Jennifer Key
veterinary science junior

"I couldn't care less if he leaves - I haven't seen him do any great wonderful feats here. He sits up in the Administration building looking down out of his window and sees the campus, but he has nothing to do with the students."

Robyn Laister
freshman majoring in English

"It seems like he is abandoning his responsibilities, especially if they do not know who will fill Pacheco's spot if he leaves. I know if I was in a position like him, I would want to know who would be filling my place."

Peter Jaravata
political science junior

"I think he should stay around. He was doing so many wonderful things with the Undergraduate Center and now I feel he is skipping out for a better job. It didn't seem like he had a reason to leave."

Jessica Minnich
molecular and
cellular biology junior

"I think it's good - change is always a good thing. I hope we will get someone new here that will do their best for the students."

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