The Wildcat's coverage of indecency incident was biased, unprofessional


In response to the article printed Monday entitled, "Man Arrested on Indecency Charges."

Words cannot express how extremely angry I feel after having my name publicly tarnished in yesterday's Wildcat. When I took journalism in high school, I was taught that the media has a responsibility to be unbiased, never favoring one party over the other. This is clearly not how this story was printed. My reputation was severely damaged yesterday by the one-sided, incomplete news article. Not once did they report the story from my point of view or even attempt to get more information or a statement from me. All that is reported in the article is the woman's point of view which clearly implies that I was guilty. Furthermore, it was never mentioned that no convictions were made. The article simply took a piece of incomplete information from the police and decided to ruin my name. Never have I seen such an act of idiocracy in the media and a blatant attempt to entertain through news at the expense of someone else's reputation.

By Alan Hodson (letter)
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 4, 1997

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