Letter writer has mixed feelings on fans' victory celebrations Monday


Monday night, I was in absolute awe of the incredible game which took place. The Wildcats, without a doubt, have finally earned the National Championship, and respect, which they merit.

However, what I saw after the game made me sick. The behavior of some of the so-called "fans" down on Fourth Avenue, turned my sense of elation into disgust. I wonder if the drunken moronic macho pinheads who were seen overturning a car, attempting to break into stores, and throwing rocks and bottles at the police and firemen, will be "manly" enough to step forward and take responsibility for their actions. If any of you are UA students, I hope you were one of the many brainless wonders who performed for the cameras. Were you so stupid that you did not consider the possibility that the police will surely review those tapes?

Finally, the restraint shown by the police made me proud. It is a sad comment on the behavior of the crowd that it was necessary to use tear gas, but, considering the violence and vandalism which was occurring, the actions of the police were both justified and necessary.

During the game on Monday, I was hoping for a repeat next year. After the game, I began to wonder if that would be a good thing.

By Randall Sadler (letter)
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 4, 1997

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