Tucsonans should follow example set by basketball team and apologize


I have noticed lately that there is a pandemic loss of common sense within our society. With this loss of common sense, common courtesy and judgment for good and bad have fallen by the wayside. In particular, I am speaking of the aftermath of the NCAA tournament.

Two young players used profanity in telling disbelievers where they, the disbelievers, could go, while a mob of celebratory fans destroyed streets, shops and cars. People were outraged at this use of profanity by the young players and demanded retractions and apologies from them. However, people have not expressed the same or greater sense of outrage at the reckless actions of this mob.

While they showed their inexperience, Mike Bibby and Eugene Edgerson redeemed their integrity and, subsequently, the integrity of their team. (After years of insults and disrespect, this team deserved more than anyone else the right to tell disbelievers where to go.)

There is much that can be learned about integrity from Mike and Eugene. Where are the demands of apology from those so outraged by the use of profanity, for the damage and mayhem created on the night of the NCAA Championship?

If the "class" promoted by this ball club needed to be restored, then why aren't we demanding the same class and integrity from the "fans" responsible for the damage? We expect high moral standards from those who represent Tucson. This includes institutions such as the University of Arizona. Why then do we expect less from the residents? Do we not also represent Tucson?

Mike and Eugene apologized. I would like the same public apology from those responsible for the damages - both to property and to pride.

By Ruth Taylor (letter)
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 10, 1997

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