Faculty Senate's proposed program deletions are 'biased and unneeded'


This is in response to the article titled, "Faculty Senate OK's deletion of programs" on Tuesday:

It is absurd to delete ANY program from the University of Arizona. Every year departments and students panic over who will be cut THIS time. I would like to ask the Faculty Senate, "Why cut anything?" I understand that things must be done at times in response to budget cuts and so forth. However, as a university, providing a variety of programs for undergraduate and graduate students can only benefit everyone involved.

Deciding to keep engineering and business while cutting liberal arts and education programs is biased and unneeded. (Why do you think engineering and business are having graduation ceremonies on a cool May morning while the liberal arts and less "alumni sponsored" programs are having their ceremonies in the middle of a hot May afternoon?)

There should be no reason that programs are cut; and for whose benefit? No one's. These programs could easily be combined and "consolidated" with other programs. Why end programs and lose students as well as community support rather than merely combine some programs and benefit everyone involved? I urge the Faculty Senate to reconsider cutting programs at the University of Arizona. Let's become leaders for this state and promote diverse programs and opportunity for all students, potential researchers and professionals.

By Rachel D. Petty (letter)
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 10, 1997

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