'Wildcat' needs to be more aware of the effects of misspellings


I'm very concerned about the time, or more importantly the lack of time, that has been put into some of the articles published in the Wildcat. I don't remember seeing any misspellings in articles about the basketball team, or other such issues. However, concerning the article in the Wildcat on Friday called, "Holocaust survivors share their stories with UA students," there were two misspellings that I found. It does not appear to me that Alicia A. Caldwell (the writer of the article) spent even the time to learn how to spell Dachau or Seder.

The issue (spelling) is not a big one, I admit. However, the article was important. It talked about how we need to educate people about the Holocaust and that it's important that we don't forget the mistake. And yet the author does not even take the time to educate the people with the correct spelling!

In my mind that would take the least amount of time to research ... pick up a dictionary. Dachau is not spelled "Dachow" and Seder is not spelt "Sadder"... I think more time needs to be spent on the basics. After all, we should have learned to spell in grade school, not in college.

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Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 16, 1997

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