Night parking on campus should be free


As a registered full-time student at the UA with an evening class on Mondays and Wednesdays, I feel a need to bring up an issue concerning evening parking on campus.

Wednesday night, I had a difficult time finding a parking space on campus due to a sporting event on campus. Don't get me wrong - I think sporting events are great, but I believe that education should be a priority as sporting events have no effect on overall GPAs.

I believe that students with evening classes should have priority on parking over those who are parking on campus for a sporting event. It would be relatively simple to institute a procedure to check for students. Students with evening classes should carry a copy of their schedule showing the evening class and they can show it and their student ID card to a parking guard. The parking guard should let them into the parking lot based on that.

I was told tonight that there was a $2 charge on parking where parking is normally free. I don't feel that's in the evening student's best interest and I would like to see something do for the student in this regard. I believe that if all of the parking is going to be sucked up by non-students for sporting events, then evening classes for that night should be either canceled or rescheduled.

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Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 16, 1997

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