\ Student officers set sights on the coming academic year - July 30, 1997
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By Amanda Riddle
Arizona Summer Wildcat
July 30, 1997

Student officers set sights on the coming academic year

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Gilbert Davidson, Tara Taylor, and Casey Cuny

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona is the university's student body government. Elected in March, the following members of the executive branch took office May 1 and will serve for one year. ASUA, located above the UA Associated Students Bookstore in the Student Union, provides students with services such as the Women's Resource Center and the Minority Action Council, and organizations that range from club sports to honoraries. ASUA represents and advocates for the needs of the student p opulation.

ASUA President Gilbert Davidson is a public management senior. His involvement with ASUA began four years ago as a volunteer. Since that time, he has served two terms as an ASUA undergraduate senator, one as chairman of the nine-seat legislative body. He also is a member of the Business and Public Administration Student Council and chairman of the Student Union Advisory Board.

As student body president, Davidson acts as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and is the chief spokesperson for the students. He is involved with every legislative decision and oversees all ASUA operations.

Davidson believes one of the most important roles of student government is outreach to the students. He hopes to improve ASUA's relationship with the student body through activities designed to unite the campus community.

These include CATFEST '97, a nighttime event on the UA Mall Aug. 29, and more concerts and speakers. CATFEST '97 will feature a band, food, movie and chance for students to learn about the more than 250 clubs and organizations on campus and ASUA represent atives.

Another priority for Davidson is educating students about the new Student Union. Students are going to be responsible for a portion of the construction and will have a role in determining how it is financed.

ASUA Administrative Vice President Tara Taylor is the youngest elected officer in the executive branch. A junior majoring in political science, last year Taylor worked as a club advocate for ASUA clubs and organizations. She was also a Resident Assistant in Coronado Residence Hall.

Her role as vice president involves overseeing all 15 programs and services, an area of ASUA that provides students with an opportunity to offer other students education, service, and advocacy.

Taylor wants to increase awareness and accessibility of the programs and services so more students can benefit from what they offer. The two services she wants most to improve upon are Escort Service, which provides students with a safe escort to and from campus locations, and Spring Fling, the UA's student-run carnival.

ASUA Executive Vice President Casey Cuny is a marketing and communication senior. Last year he served on the Undergraduate Senate and the previous year volunteered his time as a Senate aide.

He believes his Senate experience makes him qualified to oversee ASUA's legislative branch, a new role for the vice president, whose previous duties only included overseeing ASUA's clubs and organizations and the appropriation of money to these groups.

Cuny wants to strengthen the ties between the Senate and the other areas of ASUA and increase it's involvement with the campus community.

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