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By Jennifer Sterba
Arizona Summer Wildcat
July 30, 1997

Study centers offer quiet place, help for students

Every year students undertake the journey of finding the perfect study place.

Some students prefer quiet, while others can only study with background noise. Study groups provide peer assistance for some, but for others serves only to distract with socializing.

So what's a freshman to do?

The Freshman Year Center, located at Bear Down Gym, Room 102, suggestes using its services, which include a study center.

Socorro Vasquez, assistant director for the Freshman Year Center, said one benefit of using the study center is that if students run into trouble with class work, there are tutors available for questions.

"Come in and study," Vasquez said. "Don't wait until you are in trouble."

Students also can turn to the University Learning Center for advice.

"Study in a place close to where you can get help," said Reed Mencke, associate director for the center.

He suggested students do an assessment of the kind of place they most effectively study.

Students should ask questions like:

  • What is the best time of day for me to study; when am I most alert?

  • What is the best light to study in (bright or dim)?

  • What is the best noise environment to study in (music, TV, none)?

A free tutoring guide also is available in the ULC.

Students on campus have their own suggestions.

Ana Lopez, a senior in communication, said she likes to study in the Memorial Student Union lounges because they offer easy access to eating places.

But the union also offers distraction since a lot of socializing goes on there, Lopez said.

"Make a habit of studying in the library," she said.

Some students prefer more remote places on campus.

April Henderson, a sophomore accounting major, said she likes to study on the fourth floor of the Chemistry and Bio Sciences building.

"It's never busy and there are a lot of couches," she said. "You can see everything from there."

Henderson said she recommends studying with friends, but encourages students to make a study plan. Otherwise, nothing will get done, she said.

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