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By Amy Schweigert
Arizona Summer Wildcat
July 30, 1997

ASUA offers free programs for students

Walking along the University of Arizona Mall on Aug. 25 may be overwhelming for a freshman.

Upperclassmen, professors and researchers will be hustling past, and bicyclists will go by in a blur.

Freshmen might end up feeling lost in the large populated Research I Institution.

However, according to the Associated Students of the University of Arizona's web page, "The student is the most important person on campus."

Associated Students is the UA's student government.

It consists of one legislative body made up of the Undergraduate Senate, one student body president and two vice-presidents.

ASUA sponsors 15 free programs and services.

Associated Students with Disabilities

ASD promotes the idea that all people should have the right to fair and equal treatment and opportunities.

ASD looks into violations of basic rights and accessibility requirements.

Although ASD does a lot of investigating, the group also knows how to have fun and sponsors various programs throughout the year.

For example, ASD sponsors Lame for a Game, which is a wheelchair basketball match against members of the UA men's and women's basketball teams.

Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Association

BGALA provides education and information on lesbian, gay and bisexual issues to the campus community.

Annually, BGALA sponsors National Coming Out Day and World AIDS Day on the UA Mall.

For more information, BGALA officers can be reached at (520) 621-7585.

ASUA Legal Services

The Legal Services Program offers advice and counseling on legal issues including landlord-tenant disputes, criminal matters, traffic violations, debt problems, auto accidents and employment law.

"I give legal advice to students on just about anything," said Susan Ferrell, the Legal Services Advisor for ASUA. "The best thing for a student to do is to come and see me before the problem gets too serious."

ASUA Legal Services is located in the ASUA offices, above the ASUA Bookstore, at the west end of the Memorial Student Union.

Office Hours are Monday-Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Appointments may be made by calling 621-ASUA.

Walk-in visits are available during one hour each day. The hour changes daily, so call ahead to find out when to go.


CARE is concerned with preventing and educating the campus community about date rape. After being trained, CARE volunteers give presentations to clubs and organizations concerning the issue. For more information call (520) 621-2782.

ASUA Escort Service

The Escort Service provides rides to students and faculty Sundays through Thursdays from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. anywhere within the campus community and also to some places off campus.

The service's stated objective "is to provide a safe escort to all students and faculty. No one should have to walk around alone at night on campus if they do not want to."

For a free lift, call 621-SAFE.

International Student Association

ISA represents all international students and provides a platform for voicing concerns of the international students.

One goal of ISA is to promote intercultural interaction and understanding.

Minority Action Council

The council works to educate students on campus about ethnic minority issues, assess attitudes on the subject and when necessary, promote change.

Minority student recruitment and retention are also important issues with the council.

Public Affairs

Public Affairs does all of the marketing and public relations for all of the clubs on campus, including ASUA.

ASUA Speaker's Board

The Speaker's Board brings an array of speakers to the UA for the sake of "educating, informing, and at times entertaining," the campus community.

Spring Fling

Each spring, for four days, the UA Mall is transformed into a carnival for Spring Fling. It is the largest student-run carnival in the country.

Its goal is to "provide an opportunity for campus clubs and organizations to raise money."

Spring Fling is a non-profit organization.

Student Health Advisory Council

SHAC is a student committee funded by ASUA, which advises the Student Health Services staff, promotes better health, and acts as a voice for students on health issues.

For general information on ASUA services, call (520) 621-ASUA.

Compiled from ASUA literature and information on the Associated Students' official web page: www.asua.arizona.edu

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