Band deserves praise for work


I was saddened to read the Sept. 27 letter ("Marching band's performance will take it nowhere but 'Toilet Bowl,'") from George C. Hall (Class of 1972) in which he criticized and ridiculed the UA marching band in such a mean-spirited way. Even if his remarks had been accurate, it is so unfortunate that Mr. Hall could not find a more constructive way to express himself.

That point aside, I cannot even imagine what he is talking about when he refers to the Illinois game half-time show as "an absolute abomination." I, too, was at that game, and as a former four-year member of the ASU Sun Devil marching band, I must honestly say that I was impressed with the show. The marching was sharp, the music was challenging and played well and the band's spirit was evident, especially in the little "traveling bands" that went around the stadium during the second half to lead the fans in cheers.

I often drive by Campbell while the band is practicing and I have, on occasion, stopped to watch as the faithful band members work their butts off trying to perfect their show. For my part, I say congratulations! Your hard work is paying off. As for Mr. Hall, all I can say is that I hope that somebody, somewhere does something nice for him today. From the tone of his editorial, it sounds like he needs it.

Fr. Fred Lucci
OP, St. Thomas More Catholic Newman Center