Eye on Diversity offers trivia challenge

The following is a Trivia Contest the Eye on Diversity Committee brought to the Wildcat. We hope readers will set aside a moment to take the quiz and, perhaps, learn a bit more about the diverse peoples that make up our campus community.

Now that freshman and transfer students have had a chance to adjust and the rest of us are getting back into the grind, how about a study break? The first two people to correctly answer all these questions and return them to the front desk of the Department of Student Programs will receive pairs of gift certificates for free meals at fabulous Tucson restaurants. So take your head out of the books for a minute and take a look around you at the diversity on our campus. Make a new friend and answer some questions (all contestants who return correct answers will receive prizes).

1) Which of these Native American tribes is not native to the Southwest?

A) Di-ne (Navajo) B) Tohono O'odhom C) Cherokee

2) What do the letters CESL stand for? (Hint - they can be found on a building on this campus.)

3) What building houses both the African-American and the Asian Pacific American Resource Center?

4) In what month is Chinese New Year celebrated?

5) According to Jewish dietary laws, what two foods may not be eaten together?

6) Which of the following is NOT the name of a Mexican soap opera currently shown on either of Tucson's two Spanish-language television stations?

A) Marisol B) Morelia C) Pobre Nina Rica D) Los Ricos Tambien Lloren E) Cancion de Amor

7) What frequency is KAMP Student Radio broadcast on?

8) Which room in the Memorial Student Union houses the Department of Student Programs?

9) What is the name of the University Activities Board committee which provides recycling bins in the Student Union?

10) What building now houses the Chicano-Hispano Resource Center?

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