Clinton great speaker, but examine his character


I write in response to Mr. Howell's letter regarding President Clinton as the best choice for re-election based upon the "issues" ("Dole deserves our respect but the issues say re-elect President Clinton," Oct. 9). Sir, I'm afraid you're mistaken in your belief that President Clinton wants to protect the environment. I mean, if he was truly concerned, he certainly wouldn't have cut down a large quantity of vegetation for his photo shoot near the Grand Canyon the way he did last month, or maybe he feels that everyone but he should protect our natural resources. And how about abolishing crime through gun regulation? I'm afraid I just don't see how taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens helps anyone but criminals, and since when does the executive branch have the power to interpret the Constitution?

Clinton gave funds to a lot of law enforcement agencies in this country, but he placed few restrictions on what they were to do with it. I think if you look, you'll find that the majority of the funds were used for things other than hiring new officers.

The "issues" we should be examining are those of our president's character. President Clinton is a man who has used treachery and deceit as a means to an end whenever it suited him to do so, and, amazingly, done so without shame. Any American should want to feel confident about what their leader knows, is, and does. Bob Dole knows government, is government, and does government, and has for decades now. I will be willing to give President Clinton credit for being a great public speaker and capable of swaying large numbers to his cause, but I would also give the same credit to Hitler, Stalin and Vladimir Cheranovsky.

Jeff McCuen
history freshman