Ticket lottery changes make sign up more accessible

By Amy C. Schweigert
Arizona Daily Wildcat
October 29, 1996

A steady stream of students were signing up for a chance to win UA season basketball tickets yesterday in the Memorial Student Union.

Before students can purchase season tickets for $24, they must participate in a lottery and hope their number comes up.

Traditionally, the lottery sign up has used students' names and has been in McKale Center. This year, however, the sign up is taking place on the first floor of the Union, and students are receiving a ticket with a five-digit number on it.

Darlene Castelan, ticket office manager at McKale Center, said the new method of picking numbers rather than names is quicker for the students.

In an effort to make the lottery available to more students, Associated Students suggested it move the sign-up location, Castelan said.

Sonja Rod, community health education sophomore, said the process was "easy" and "convenient." Yesterday was Rod's first time signing up for the ticket lottery.

About 2,400 student season basketball tickets are reserved. The season is split, and by purchasing season tickets, a student gets a seat for six games.

Yesterday afternoon, about 1,000 students signed up to buy tickets.

"That is a little more than last year at this time," Castelan said, however, "if it stays at this pace, we will be at the same level as last year. On average, about 4,000 to 5,000 usually sign up. Overall, we've had a good response."

Students had mixed feelings about the sign-up location.

Eric Foltz, molecular and cellular biology and psychology senior, said the old method was fine.

"This (new location) is not convenient because there are too many people walking through," he said.

Bob Dolan, political science sophomore, said the new location is easier because the Union is a central place on campus.

"Every student usually comes through here once a day; McKale seems so isolated," he said.

Because of the central sign-up location, many students were signing up without knowing what they were signing up for, Castelan said.

When the sign up was at McKale, she said students who trekked over there really wanted to get season tickets.

"The downside (about moving the location) is that it makes the odds worse for the diehard fans," Castelan said. "I'm kind of feeling bad for the diehards."

The lottery sign up continues through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Union and Friday from 10:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. in McKale Center.