Symington 'impoverishing the future' of our communities


During my campaign for governor, I refrained from attacks on Fife Symington personally. Not once did I bring up his personal business nightmares. But I am not running for office now, and I refuse to be silent any longer.

Fife Symington has proved conclusively that he knows little about business and building for the future. It is certainly evident he cares little about the people who suffer because of his lack of good business sense or compassion.

Now Fife Symington proposes reducing personal income taxes by a minimum of $100 million. That is a fantastic idea. I wish he could reduce them 100 percent. Few find taxation more repugnant than I do.

But this recent political rhetoric of Symington is just really slash and burn politics. Symington knows it is a sham. He knows countless children are slipping through the cracks and the cracks are getting wider. He knows that he personally is responsible for destroying lives, weakening our economic future and taking away hope from thousands of young children.

Our infrastructure is in decay. Look at the bridges and the roadways. Our transit systems are virtually non-existent. Our air is polluted and getting worse. And our school districts cannot build classrooms to house the ever-expanding number of children needing an education. Not to mention the more than 150,000 precious children without health care insurance.

So what does Fife do? He proposes cutting hundreds or millions of more dollars from our school revenues. He will hold up transit and freeways even longer. And yet he tells the public we can clean up our air by just asking people not to drive at night. How ridiculous!

In order to cover the governor's demagoguery of the worst kind, working men and women will pay more - in higher and higher user fees, higher local taxes and higher costs and surcharges for everything their family does, from school, to sports, to parks , to public safety. Fife's latest scheme will hurt Arizona's working families, weaken Arizona's ability to attract new business and take away the future for thousands of young people.

Fife Symington is impoverishing the future of our children, our families and our communities.

Eddie Basha
member, Arizona Board of Regents