Extraterrestrial specials greet students this week

By Ana A. Lima
Arizona Daily Wildcat
November 19, 1996

Keep an eye out for silvery saucers hovering above and plate loads of alien munchables all around. The University of Arizona has been invaded.

Space monsters and their exquisitely foreign cuisine can be found in Wildcat country during UFO Week, which began yesterday. All week, students will have the chance to join in the spirit of "Star Trek" and "The X-Files." Special food items, UFO experts, bands and movies related to the "out-of-this-galaxy" visitors are part of the scheduled events.

UFO Week, coordinated by the University Activities Board, Residence Hall Association and Phi Lambda Phrateres, has already generated "a lot of smiles," according to Coleen Cummings, supervisor for Caf­ Sonora and Taco Bell Express in the Memorial Student Union.

Matt Everitt, UAB president and head of the UFO committee, said the alien-themed, week-long event is just for fun.

"There's been a lot of TV shows with the whole UFO theme. So, we thought this was a topic of concern to a lot of people," Everitt said.

The coordinators have invited experts on extraterrestrial life to speak to students about topics that explore the possibilities of life beyond Earth. "Alien Autopsy, True or Fiction?", "The Nature of Extraterrestrial Contact" and "Policy of Denial - Government Cover-ups," are the topics for a series of presentations to take place today and Wednesday.

The most unexpected and challenging part of the whole extraterrestrial experience might be to try one of the food items on the menus of the Memorial Student Union restaurants, which have been renamed to welcome UFO Week.

The familiar, earthly grilled cheese with tomato sandwich at Louie's Lower Level may not be recognizable because it is now called the "Imploding Asteroid." Other alien treats at Louie's are the "Intergalactic Burger" and the "Mulder and Scully Spooky Combo."

At Caf­ Sonora, the usual combos have been substituted by the "Lunar Enchilada," the "Vulcan Corn Tamale," the "Beef Borg Chimi" and finally, the "Chicken Tribbles Chimi."

As part of UFO Week, Gallagher Theatre will be showing "Independence Day" today and "The Road Warrior" Thursday and Friday.

Another opportunity to join in the UFO-mania on campus is the Greyhound Soul concert, with Beyond Seven and Instant Martian, Friday, from 6 to 9 p.m. on the UA Mall.