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 - By Ana A. Lima
 - Arizona Daily Wildcat
 - January 17, 1997

UA alumni donate $75,000 to support CCP's traveling exhibits

In need of funding to support traveling exhibits, the UA Center for Creative Photography received a $75,000 endowment from a Tucson couple.

Richard and Marcia Grand, both University of Arizona alumni, will make it possible for the Center for Creative Photography to display its works around the country and the world.

Over the years, the couple has donated over $275,000 to the University of Arizona Foundation, most of which went toward funding for the Center for Creative Photography.

Marcia Grand is chairwoman of the Center for Creative Photography Board of Fellows.

The center houses one of the world's largest collections of photographs, more than 50,000. However, since the National Endowment for the Arts, one of the center's biggest financial supporters, reduced its contributions, the center has been unable to put more than one show on the road per year, said Terence Pitts, director of the Center for Creative Photography.

"The center creates a number of exhibitions every year," Pitts said. "A lot of times we don't have the money to create a traveling show."

The Grands have a long history of involvement on the UA campus. Marcia Grand became interested in the center through her friendship with Ansel Adams, who founded the center. She has devoted almost 30 years to building and institutionalizing the center.

Richard Grand graduated from the UA law school in 1958, and now has a personal injury firm in Tucson.

Richard Grand laughed about the reason behind the couple's large contributions, saying, "When you've been married for 45 years and your wife tells you to do something, you do it!"

When an endowment is received by the UA Foundation, the money is invested, while only the interest it generates is spent. Pitts said endowment interest rates vary between five and six percent.

"It's like having a good savings account," Pitts said.

The Center for Creative Photography operates on an annual budget of $1.1 million. While 70 percent of it comes from the UA, 30 percent of the budget depends on grants, gifts and endowments.