pacing the void

By Dan Hoffman
Arizona Daily Wildcat
January 24, 1997

Placement of ad insert near art review is ironic


Did anyone else find it ironic to discover the "Beyond the Wall: Ads as Art" insert in yesterday's Wildcat just pages away from the review of Ken Shorr's art exhibit, "Surgically Induced Childhood"? If you don't know what I'm talking about you should really go see the show, but for the purposes of this letter suffice it to say that the show is a lot like a Dead Kennedys record insert, with an obvious theme of equating some well-known company logos with a fascist regime.

So, on the one hand we have a very profound, if slightly eccentric, art professor using a high-tech medium to criticize these companies, or at least the system of values that allows them to have so much power, and, on the other hand, right in the middle of a newspaper reviewing this exhibit, is a slickly produced full-color catalog selling poster- size advertisements to us. Selling them! Is anyone actually that shallow that they would pay to decorate their home with a poster prominently stating "VISA, It's everywhere you want to be"? Some marketing genius thinks so, and actually, they're probably right.