pacing the void

By J.P. Jiang, Research Associate
Arizona Daily Wildcat
January 24, 1997

Remove the 'rubbish' from front of Main Library


Apparently, the front yard of the Main Library has become a dumping ground for scrap metal.

Walking by the Main Library the other day, I noticed that a mangled heap of black material has been deposited on the grassy knoll directly in front of the library entrance. My first impression was that it's the earthly remain of an unfortunate automobile accident.

But, upon close inspection, the mess was found to be made of a hollowed metallic substance entirely incompatible with modern car making technology. I walked by the library today (Jan. 22) and, to my dismay, it has not been removed yet. I was under the impression that it is illegal to dump rubbish on the ground of our otherwise beautified campus.

I shall venture to suggest that the Facilities Management Department be informed of this infraction and be charged to remove that eyesore from its prominent position in front of Main Library.