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By Staff Reports
Arizona Daily Wildcat
January 30, 1997

The Calendar


  • A lecture entitled "Parasitoid Egg Physiology, Life History and Behavior," will be delivered by Tim Collier @ Family and Consumer Resources, Room 225. 4 PM. Free stuff bonus! Refreshments served on FCR patio prior to the talk. 621-1588 for details

  • You don't know how long we tried to work on last week's headline for the piece on Ken Shorr: "Shorr thing"... "Raise you hand if you're Shorr." All bad, and all (thank God), rejected. Tonight's he's doing a monologue with visual aids 6-7 PM @ The Joseph Gross Gallery, across from the UA Art Museum on Speedway and Park. 626-4215


  • Caught at a party a long time ago then again at some random Downtown Sat. Night event, Whatever! never failed to impress. Long jams and odd antics combine for a very... unique experience. They'll be joined by Waffle Butt and Forklift for a cheap local show @ Club Congress.


  • Who says poetry doesn't pay: The Hearst Undergrad Poetry Contest offers prizes of up to $300 in lyrical and populist poetry categories. The deadline is Feb 7. Call 626-6118 for details.