Rodriquez deserves recognition

By Nikki Chavez
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 8, 1997

Dear Editor,

I would just like to congratulate No. 49, T.J. Rodriquez on making his first career field goal on Thursday night, at the game against Oregon. Unfortunately, he was not recognized, on national television for this like No.13 Brennan was recognized for his first career touchdown. Even the sportscaster on 790 KNST radio station had the courage to call him an inexperienced player, when T.J. has been on the team for three years now. This may have been his first time in a game situation, but at least he made the field goal to pull our team out of the embarrassing 0-16 score!

You've worked hard for this T.J. and deserve to be congratulated.

Keep up the hard work and remember that your family and friends are behind you 100 percent!

Nikki Chavez
Family studies junior

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