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By David J. Cieslak
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 24, 1998

Students: Deal with issues

While candidates running for ASUA offices advertise a slew of issues through handouts and public appearances, UA students agree that several key issues need immediate attention.

In an informal survey of 21 students on the University of Arizona Mall yesterday, many said interaction is key to improving the relationship between student government and its constituents.

Some students said they feel ignored by previously elected officials and said open lines of communication will benefit everyone at the UA.

Jessica Swartz, a dance freshman, said she would like to see Associated Students officials deal more directly with students.

A good candidate is "someone who's not afraid to get out there and talk to people," she said.

Sociology senior James Robles said ASUA leaders need to understand students' needs and fight the allure of individual gain.

"They need to be in touch with students and try to help student programs instead of personally benefiting," Robles said.

Most students also said the issues candidates are addressing this year seem pertinent - much better than the previous years' platforms.

"Last time, a candidate advocated putting a bar in the Memorial Student Union," said Danielle Corbett, a molecular and cellular biology and music performance senior.

Many students agreed with the candidates that Student Union renovations need to be addressed by the Associated Students.

Other issues students said should be considered by the candidates include parking and the pending contract between Nike and the UA's athletic department.

Maurice Nelson, a creative writing junior, said ASUA needs to focus more on "relations between different ethnicities."

Scott Cole, an interdisciplinary studies senior, said an anti-affirmative action bill in the state Legislature, which would eliminate affirmative action from state-funded programs, needs attention from the university and ASUA.

"They need to have a voice and conduct student polls on the issue," Cole said.

Out of the 21 students interviewed yesterday, several said ASUA should deal with money-related issues including the university budget and student financial aid.

"They need to start spending on appropriate things," said Bryan Geisbauer, an accounting and finance junior.

Stan Yee, a chemistry junior, took issue with tuition.

"There has been a steady increase in tuition which should be stopped," Yee said.

But nearly all said ASUA officials should keep their eyes and ears open and try to understand students.

"A good leader is someone who listens to all the issues and pays attention," said Shann Trochelman, a dance senior.

"I would elect someone with good leadership qualities and someone who knows what the students want," said Jason Wisniewski, a marketing senior.

In an informal survey yesterday, 21 students identified the election issues most important to them as:

1. Memorial Student Union renovations

2. Open lines of communication between students and elected officials

3. UA spending, financial aid and tuition

4. Student involvement in clubs and organizations

5. The pending contract between Nike and the UA athletic department.

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