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By Dan Rosen
Arizona Daily Wildcat
March 10, 1998

Laxcats lose to Whittier


Brian Foster
Arizona Daily Wildcat

Junior Dan McCarty (15) checks a Whittier opponent to the ground during Saturday night's game at Wildcat Field.

The Laxcats and Whittier have always had heated contests that resulted in a lot of trash talking and cheap hitting, but never has it escalated into brawling like what happened Saturday night at Wildcat Field.

The final outcome of 15-3 in favor of Whittier became meaningless at the end of the third quarter when both teams were involved in brawl that included about half of each team's squads.

"Whittier has never really shown any class in all the years I've known them," Laxcat head coach Mickey-Miles Felton said. "It goes in one ear and out the other."

UA senior defenseman Dave Ames was attacked by a Whittier player and that was the beginning of the end. Although Ames never appeared to throw a punch or say anything, he was ejected. No reason was given for Ames' ejection and it was not a popular call.

"Maybe we can make a case about Ames when we take a look at the game tape," Felton said.

Also ejected for being in the fight were sophomore goalie Cameron Gingras and junior midfielder Max Webber. Both were trying to break it up, but the rule book says you can't do that.

Ames is also a backup goalie, so UA lost both of its goalies and had to go with freshman attackman Dave Cross, who had never played that position before.

"The question now remains is our season going to be ruined by this fight," Felton said. "We are just going to have to wait and see."

As it stands now, Webber and Gingras are suspended for one game and Ames is out for two because he received a suspension earlier this season. Felton, however, is appealing the ruling on Ames.

Should UA be without the three players, the team would have a difficult time defeating Chapman on the road Saturday, and a loss there would probably put them in a position to play at Whittier in the playoffs.

"That is not something that I would be dancing up and down about," Felton said.

Despite a terrible second quarter (the Laxcats gave up six goals) and the horrific fourth quarter (UA's bench was depleted to three reserves), the team played well and stuck to its game plan, which was to stall the clock.

"We really did a good job when we concentrated," Felton said. "I hope that we will understand that we can hold the ball and be successful."

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