By June Chung
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 8, 1998

Sacrificing student safety being

To the Editor:

Rachel Alexander's column, "The regents' anti-self-defense policy" (Mar. 24) speaks to what should be a major concern to the University; student safety. The obvious argument against Ms. Alexander's position is that guns jeopardize the safety of those on campus (for which the University may be held liable). However, this concern needs to be balanced against reality. The reality is that poor lighting and under-funded campus police encourages criminals to target students.

I'm not ranting and raving about Second Amendment rights, but simply suggesting that the Regents institute a more flexible policy whereby students who have legitimate reason to fear for their safety (i.e., those with restraining or protective orders out) have the option to protect themselves. I highly doubt the Regents will reconsider their policy, but their ignorance comes at the price of student safety.

June Chung
3rd-year law student


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