By Aaron Jahneke
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 8, 1998

'To each his own'

To the Editor:

In response to Ezekiel Bucheit's recent article regarding fraternities ("Frats: What is and should never be," Mar. 30), I had several comments to make. For one, I truly respect Buchheit for stating his opinion, whether popular or unpopular, and however poorly researched.

However, when I think of this "issue," if there is one, I cannot help but think of a phrase my grandma used to spout off at every given opportunity. She would say "To each his own." As obnoxious of a cliché as it is, I've tried to apply it to my life. It means that you allow people to pursue what they find rewarding in life, and try briefly to put yourself in their position. For example, I pretend that I am buff and good-looking and have lots of money.

If I were the aforementioned, I would probably do exactly what those people in the Greek community do, so who would I be to judge them? I'm not, so I am the tall, skinny guy you will see walking the campus, and you'll wonder if I am eating enough. All I can say is "yes," and I'm loving life just as much as the fraternity boy, it's just a little different. Different is good. Just please try not to step on my feet.

Aaron Jahneke
History junior


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