By Vada Manager
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 8, 1998

Setting the record straight on Nike

To the Editor:

Craig Anderson's March 24 article on the preview of Michael Moore's new documentary ("Documentary portrays Nike CEO negatively") did not provide readers all of the facts about Nike and its efforts to ensure our products are made in good, clean and safe factories by people earning superior wages. Since that did not happen, allow me to set the record straight.

On wages, last fall a team of Dartmouth College MBA students concluded that Vietnamese workers earn more than enough to make ends meet and have money left over for discretionary spending or savings. Furthermore, over 54% of factory worker households surveyed had purchased VCRs and stereo equipment. Hardly the profile of people earning "less-than-livable wages," as Mr. Anderson puts it.

Nike has always taken the lead in the industry on this issue. In 1992, Nike established the sporting goods industry's first Code of Conduct to ensure our workers know and can exercise their rights. In 1994, Nike became the first company to have its Code of Conduct monitored by an independent third party, the accounting firm of Ernst & Young. Nike doesn't use our independent, third-party monitoring system for public relations, we use it to improve working conditions. More detailed information about this can be obtained by surfing our website, www.nikeworkers.com.

Vada Manager


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